The Role of Religion in Nigerian Politics

The role of religion in Nigerian politics and its sustainability for political development

Many questions have been asked to why exactly has Religion has taken a position of importance in Nigerian politics? Despite her vast riches in both human and natural resources yet religion has a taken a central stage in then political atmosphere of the day. As far as the world over is concerned, Nigeria is the most populous black nation on earth with and it is vest with religious diversities. And they include Christianity, Islam and African Traditional Religion.

These religions as it where have a way they overlap. For some, these Religions are intertwined with political activities that have in one way crippled the affairs of the country. Many political bigwigs have used religion as a tool to get into power, then for religious leaders, they are mishandling the whole political process to get personal gain from those who hold public office. With a scenero as this, one could conclude that religion has been mostly used in a negative manner in Nigerian.

Well i have put up this write up to expose the very role and the exact problem Religion has caused In Nigeria and am gonna be using a descriptive methodology to explore how religion activities in politics has affected political development and how it can bring sustainable political development if used in the right perspective. Many may not believe it.

As far politics is concerned, religion can’t be taken away from it because as it where, there is already a long connection that both religion and politics have created. It has already been established. In fact, according to one Mr Afolabi, this connection is very incontrovertible connection and that their roles to each other have remained debatable. As some have wrongly quoted that Religion makes people bad well, that is a fat lie because Religion does not make people bad but when is is being used in the negative format as an instrument of oppression and deceit. In Nigeria almost whatever is thrown at them is taken. Some even get to see it as fate because to many it has become God who is punishing them fro their sins.

This issue has been further compounded by the high rate of poverty, illiteracy, and lack of political education on the part of majority that has caused it. There is also this conception from the pit of hell that politics is a dirty game and that only people who can deceive, manipulate, and illegally amass wealth are meant to participate in it.

We have come to realise that one of the major variables found in the Nigerian political landscape happens to be the relationship between religion and politics. Some persons have actually concluded that these two are inseparable, while some believes that it can be separable and supports the notion of the separation of religion from politics. This is so because they feel that the former will not imbibe the corruption inherent in the latter. We believe in general terms that religion and politics are two different fields of social activity which means that there is what we call the politicization of religion, and according to some, it is against the original intent of the founder of religion, or God Himself. In Nigeria, we have come to see how religion affects practically all what we do. In fact it gets to affect our daily lives. How we dress, how we interact with others, the kind of food we eat,and politics.

If the aforementioned is true, then with religion at your back, you are sure to contest and win an election. Because it empowers man to function in his society by contesting for a political position and also winning it so that such a one can also contribute his ideology. From recent research, the 170 million inhabitants in Nigeria are almost equally divided between Christians and Muslims. One importance of this great division is well illustrated by the fact that in Nigeria religion and not nationality is the only way in which most Nigerians choose to identify themselves but this is not so in all case as research have discovered.

 The Role of Religion in Nigerian Politics

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