RICHEST POLITICIANS IN NIGERIA 2018 – Who are the richest politicians in Nigeria 2018? Are they still the ones who have held the positions over the past few years? Well, we will find out as time goes on. It should be noted that being a running politician in Nigeria is not just a mere talk but it takes a lot of money and connection. No politician viaing for a political position in Nigeria is brook person? Because, running for a political position in Nigeria means you have to pay for some certain levies otherwise known as due dues. For example, the nomination form for presidential candidacy for the All People’s Congress is about 24 million naira. And this is not just all you  gonna pay. You still gonna settle those that matters as it where.

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For example, there are various stakeholders to make your mark with. There are the various wings of the party you have to financially empower to help carry out with some takes. The media team have to be financially empowered. The youth wing have to be empowered, the women wing too must be financially empowered. These are not just mere naira but in their millions. If this is true and it is true, then political activities is not just a thing of the lips. Pockets are very much involved.

There is another issue that pops up whenever the subject matter comes to mind. For example, most of these politicians where financially underweight before they ventured into politics and under few years of holding a political office, they have become financial heavyweights. The question that comes to mind is ” how did they amaze such an amount of wealth within a short period of time? How much are they paid as political office holder? What are other benefits being a political office holder in Nigeria? Sometimes i like to think that there are some issues we are not being told regarding this. Today a poor politician and as soon as he becomes a political office holder through the help of a godfather, boom there he goes he becomes a multi millionaire.  RICHEST POLITICIANS IN NIGERIA 2018

We could just go and on and on listing the names of these politicians but it will be wise if we take a critical look at who are the names that made the list and what where they before they started holding public offices and what they worth now. It is very important analyse this issue this way so that Nigerians will know who their politicians are. Mind you not all of them who made the list of the richest politicians in Nigeria 2018 have amazed wealth illegally. because from our research, many before now, most of them where very rich. The likes of Rochas Okorocha where already self made millionaires before they ventured into the game publicly. But we still gonna check what he was before now and what he worth now. The likes of Atiku still needs to be questioned. Because all through career before he went into full time politics, he was a custom DG? Are they paid 30 million naira a month as Custom DG? Because i still cannot fathom how he became this wealthy just few years prior to his being a VP in Nigeria. Am still very much confused. His university located in his state at Aadmawa is said to be the most expensive university in Nigeria. How when did he amaze such a wealth in such a short time to have become this rich?

There are more to talk about. The likes of Adams Oshiomole the former governor of Edo state who happens to be the first gubernatorial candidate to have contested for such a position from a rented apartment. But, months into his second tenure as governors, pictures of his massive home in Florida America began to emerged. Pictures of his country home house built in his hometown began to emerged. Infact even the blind would see that that kind of house was not a mere house built with just millions in the naira but in dollars. Now the question that comes to mind is this. How did he get so much of that cash to have built that kind of a house in his hometown and at the same time,

1. Ibrahim Babangida

Also known as “IBB” He is unarguably the wealthiest politician in the Nigeria. IBB was a former Head of state and one of the most controversial leaders that we have ever had. IBB at a time was referred to as the world most corrupt leader but that is not why we are making this article.He was Born August 17, 1941 in Minna, Niger State. He was the head of state who annulled the popular June 12 election that the popular Chief MKO Abiola won in 1991. $50 Billion.

Olusegun Obasanjo

Also known as “OBJ” Baba as he is popularly known, is one of Nigeria’s most influential politicians Nigeria has ever have. The Ogun state born political bigwig was one of Nigeria’s former head of state owns the gigantic Otta Farms and other businesses and investments in the country. His net worth is estimated to be $1.6 Billion. He ruled Nigeria from 1976 to 1979 and was democratically elected as the firt president of Nigeria between May 1999 to May 2007.

Rochas Okorocha

I think Rochas Okorocha is the only one from the list who made his wealth without being a politician. He hails from Imo states in Igbo land. He was Born on 22nd of September 1962. He owns various sorts of businesses before he joined politics. He is estimated to worth around $1.5 Billion.

Ben Murray-Bruce

Am just making a common sense is his slogan these days. The Bayelsa Born politician and philanthropist who owns Silverbird was born 18 February 1956. He is a senator representing the Bayelsa East constituency. Senator Ben Bruce who at any given point will criticize the government of the before he joined politics still has not stopped him while he is still being a senator. Many see him as the most social politician in Nigeria. Well, many believes that his wealth comes from his many oil wells he has. His net worth according to Forbes is around $715 million.

Atiku Abubakar

That Abubakar Atiku did not make the first three names on our list is still surprising to me. Knowing fully well that he owns the most expensive university in Nigeria in his home state of Adamawa. The former vice president Obasanjo was a former comptroller general of the customs service and many people have attributed his wealth to that position. He owns a logistics company whose names many don’t know about. The name of his university is called American University of Nigeria (AUN) founded in 2005. According forbs his net worth is estimated at $1.4 Billion.

Bola Tinubu


The most influential politician in the entire South West and middlebelt Bola Ahmed Tinubu popularly called Jagaban is the most successful politician in Lagos state. He was Born on 29 March 1952. A former senator and a two time former Lagos state governor. In 2007, he was succeeded by Babatunde Raji Fashola. He is one APC’s party leader and a political god-father to many politicians around the world. As at today, President Buhari owes his success to Bola Tinuba. He worth $1.5 billion as at the latest research.

Dino Melaye

Mr Melaye is a senator of the federal republic of Nigeria representing Kogi East. He is a car freaked politician. He is always getting himself involved in some controversial issues with either his own party members, or opposition party members in the upper chamber of the house. He was recently attacked politically by his own state governor. Well, he is one of the few Nigerian politicians that speaks for the Masses. Some time ago, he got involved in a controversy issue with Mrs Oluremi Tinubu, wife of Bola Ahmed Tinubu. A senator who acts when right demands action. Like i said he is car freaked who owns fleet of cars, motorcycles and landed properties and based on recent research Dino Melaye’s net worth is estimated to be around $802 million.

Ifeanyi Ubah

For me, this man is the richest and most wealthy man in the entire east. For example, he one time released his trucks of fuel and suddenly, fuel scarcity in the entire country ceased. According to his biography, he made his first million Naira at the little age of 19. The Nnewi man in Anambra according to our research is among the wealthiest business men in the entire igbo land. Many feels His business ends at the capital oil and gas but it will shock many to know that he owns more businesses which includes a spare part export company, a real estate company, a transport company, and a football club. Some sources have hinted that Ifeanyi Ubah have an ambition to be the governor of Anambra state. His is currently estimated to worth aboutn $1.7 billion.

Rotimi Amaechi

Former Rivers State governor who was born on the 27th May. As governor of Rivers state, he served two tenures from May 2007 to May 2015. Very instrumental in the emergence of President Buhari. Buhari being a rewarder made him the minister of transportation. Forbes estimated his net worth around $780 million.

Adamu Mu’Azu

Many do not know him that much but he was a former governor of Bauchi state and has a net worth reportedly estimated at $895 million by forbs. To a great extent, his name has not been overtly accused of stealing money.


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