To address a performance issue especially when it’s a poor one, one needs to understand the problem from the root. And that’s the way you way you go about it. Well, researches have shown that, motivation and ability has a way of enhancing performance improvement among business education students. With motivation, people feel supported to outdo their past and reach their highest performance level and feel valued, having in mind that the organization do wants to find it good fit for their abilities.

On this subject matter we want to compare poor performance in business education in Nigeria amongs various students. We want to no if it is very important and necessary to understand it’s cause and proffer solutions for it. My friends we will be also talking about the root causes of poor performance amongs students and to no if it is caused by the lack of ability or low motivation. We should also be aware that it may not just be low motivation or lack ability that may have cause their poor performance but it may be as a result of the lack of students who are not making enough efforts to do well. If thus is true, then we must be careful accusing the low motivation or lack of ability for their problems but if it is, then the lecturers must increase pressure on the business education student to perform well.

For those who suffer from lack from ability must have the following features in them. They are listed below.

1. Over difficult tasks

2. Low individual aptitude, skills,and knowledge.

3. Evidence of strong effort, despite poor evidence.

4. Lack of improvement over time.

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We have seen how people with low or lack of ability have been matched with jobs that they can’t handle or poorly matched with jobs. And again we have seen then also promoted into a position that’s too demanding for them. Sometimes they may be caused by the fact the support that have caused them to do real good, is no longer there anymore. Now we will be looking decisively into the reasons for poor academic performance for business students in Nigeria.


There are lots of reasons which have caused students from doing well in the business academic field. And will be talking about them. These are as follows.

1. Failure on the part of the business education students to comply with attendance requirements which have actually been made compulsory by the school policy.

2. Some students are never prepared for class even when they are all in the class. For example, how many students are usually with books in the classroom and with textbook etc.

3. some students never get to complete and submit assignments.

4. Some students never get to prepared adequately for tests and also examinations.

5. Some students never make use of the school time. For example, during free hours, students do not use the reading hall for academic activities.

6. Many students never get to redo their tests when they don’t do well even if they where given the chance, they never get to use the opportunities.

7. Before the level of educational failure knocks around and looks inevitable, students seldom seek for extra help.

8. And lastly, the failure of parents to get their wards disciplined and supervised. This may not be all round easy but trust me, some parents are not just doing enough.

Now.e want to discuss a way forward to providing motivation to business education students. Trust me, this part of the article, you don’t wanna miss. So So inspiring. Because, motivation is all they really need to get to their best. But we must understand that motivation is self gotten because anyone who wants to do well must understand that they need motivation and no one else can give it to you better than you. The deal is this. Motivation depends largely on the individual and how they where brought up and not necessary the school,m teachers or curriculum. Now, the parents are very much involved here too. From recent research, we have discovered that a lot have been done by the teachers, schools etc to improve the learning capacity of these students and a lot too have been made to ensure that they succeed. More opportunities have been given to them to succeed than we ever witnessed before. And anyone who do not succeed, choose to fail not because enough was not done but because he made his choice. This means that when we decide to through blame on the issue of failure, we should channel it to the right source. Though we could still blame the teachers, parents etc but the bulk of the blame goes to the students who choose to fail.

Research have shown that there are five ways to enhance students academic performance that is associated with the Lack of Ability. They are

Reassigning and


We cannot rule out the fact that low motivation do lead to poor performance among business education students in Nigeria. Academically, poor performance caused by low motivation can be easily resolved. In this case, the tutor or employees have to work on a very close range with the school authorities to create a motivating environment in which to work. Research have shown that there are three key main solutions or interventions that could lead to an improved people’s motivation. They are as follows.

1. Setting of performance goals

2. Provision of performance assistance

3. Provision of performance feedback

Setting of performance goals – Goal setting as research have shown is a very good and well organised aspect of performance in business education. In this case, every employees are to actually understand exactly result that is expected of them and they are also to agree on the exact thing they need to do to improve. This are expected to do themselves.

Provision of performance assistance – In this case, you are to help your team members after goals have been set. And you can only achieve this by applying the following.

You are to asses the works of the students as a teacher on a regular bases and assists when necessary.

They are to be provided with necessary assistance.

You are to secure them the needed resources

They are to be encouraged during cooperation and also assistance from coworkers.

Provision of performance feedback – There is no way you give an assignment to someone and don’t give him feedback. They need these feedbacks to be able to ascertain their standing interms of the current situation and long term performance


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