The Nigeria Political Culture. A Way Forward

The Nigeria Political Culture. A Way Forward

The Nigeria political culture over the decades have not changed that much. In fact right from independence, much have not been changed regarding how politics are perceived. Many questions come to mind when you look critically into the Nigeria political landscape.

Most of the prominent names we have come to know in the political affairs of the Nation from independence are still very much around our politics today. For example, the likes Shehu shagari, Muhammadu Buhari, Atiku Abubarka etc are still very much involved in Nigeria politics of today as they did during the military era and civilian era of the 1980s. Sometimes we begin to wonder, if there are no other persons who are quite capable handling various political positions apart from these political bigwigs? There is something that have become so so bizarre that one begin to ask questions that rests on morality. For example, Most of the those political warlords who came into power via rigging machines of PDP now in a APA are everywhere singing the drums of CHANGE. I am still asking them what moral right they have to do such? We have seen exactly how they have put on the white rob of change because they now belong to a new political party. Let me give a few example of names…. The likes of Atiku Abubarka a former VP suddenly have forgetting how exactly he was rigged into the presidency. Later on he was spotted dancing with the APC after falling out the same party that helped him to fame. But after he was defeated in the primaries prior to the 2015 presidential election, he would jump back to the same party (PDP) which he has criticized so much after he was defeated by Goodluck Jonathan.

Now my question still stands.. What moral right do men like these have to preach CHANGE? Well, let me be categorically clear here that my support for any political aspirant is beyound any political affiliation but a moral duty i owe myself and my generations unborn.

Now lets dive into this a bit deeper. How many times have we seen in developed Nations where there is cross carpeting among political faithfuls. In Nigeria for example, the winner takes it all. Whenever a party loses an election at the Top, there was always cross carpeting among faithfuls because to these ones, their personal interest have been placed above National Interest. This has been the exact reason why we have found ourselves in this era of decadeness. Is there a way out? Now we are seeing lots of political maneuvering going on because of the upcoming presidential elections.

We are in a political nation where the as a looter, you are saved if you belong to the winning party. In fact not anti corruption angencies are allowed to come to near you but immediately you join the losing party and refuse to play game, then you will be trumped. I tell you, you will be trumped. Because the full force of the law will be at your doorpost. Well, if this is true and it is true, then one has no need arguing it. If you don’t believe this, then ask the likes of Amaechi Rotimi, Ask the likes of Eze Iyamu, Ask the likes of other former PDP members who currently on the save haven of APC wings. If by tommorow, there is a power shift, only cross carpeting will be a way out for them.

There is one more issue i wanna talk about. And it is the nature of recycling corruption in the country. Sometimes these people think Nigerians are fools. Since 1999 when Nigerians was ushered into this new democratical Era, i have known some politicians who have been in the National assemblies till this date. You can imagine what kind of policies they are making? Almost 20 years, you have been in a particular position holding on to it for all you care about is your personal interest. David mark is a perfect Example. Even when the Senate Presidency was zoned out of his watch, he still went as low as becoming minority leader in the same house he was once a at the apex. For almost 20 years we have as Nigerians through the power of the ballot have been recycling corruption by installing these politicians who have nothing to offer.

These have been the political culture of our Nation. I read a book, where it was alleged that Jonathan was hell bent on winning the 2015 presidential election because he feared he would jailed by General Buhari if he losses the election based on the corruption charges that have already been labelled on him. Well, as we heard, former presidents are above the law. They are not to be investigated because they are saints abi?

One begin to wonder why Ebele Jonathan refused to declare his assets while he was president because he knew it would have been counter productive. If he has no skeleton in his cupboard to hide, he would have done it. Sometimes it is very important we note that these men only care about their personal interest. No permanent friends in politics but permanent interest.

The political bigwigs in the country have come to realise one thing that the entire country takes whatever is thrown at them. For example, how do you explain the fact that during the last gubernatorial election Edo state, many voters could sell their votes for as cheap as three thousand naira. It was a pathetic one. Right in my very before a registered PDP agent switched sides because the opposition gave him fifteen thousand naira as against ten thousand naira PDP gave him. The most shocking one was when APC started to share leaf rice to voters who inturn sold their votes for a plate of leaf rice. Hmmm. This was the icing of the cake. Men could sell four whole for a plate of leaf rice? This is alarming and this is the level of political education the country have come to witness.

Furthermore, we hear people shouting, change change change but they have voters card. When you tell them to go get one and ensure they vote, is either they tell you that the winner have already been decided or they don’t think their votes count. We will get it right and i believe the one way we can get this is by CHANGING THE CHANGE. Am not canvassing for a political party though am a PDP sympathizer, i am canvassing that we stop recycling corruption and vote out every single one of them.

The Nigeria Political Culture. A Way Forward

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