Making Money In Nigeria. How To Make Money In Nigeria

Making Money In Nigeria. How To Make Money In Nigeria

The subject of money as it where is not taught in our schools. In fact, our school curriculum does not allow for it and for me, it is a very wrong way to train our wards. And again our parents have not on their own help matters too. One thing comes to mind and it is this. What exactly do you think when the poor and the rich teach their children about money? When the rich dad teach their children about prosperity is quite different from what the poor dad teach their children. Because the poor dad will teach their children ton play safe when it comes to money making and the rich dad will teach their children how to learn how to manage risk. Another difference is that the poor dad will teach their wards how to write a good resume while the rich dad will teach his wards how to write a very good and strong business proposals and financial plan that could and would end up creating jobs. How To Make Money In Nigeria

It is very important to note that in becoming rich in a country like Nigeria is that our financial lives are shaped by our thoughts and not by our environment. This goes to say that, our thoughts and not our environments makes the success way. All my lives i have come to realize that the state of being poor is as a result of our thoughts and actions and not based on what we earn. we must learn to delete our old mentality about financial help and have a new mindset about it. One of them is this. No one should ever end up as a salary earner because no salary earner have ever made it to Forbes list of richest men on earth. According to Brian Tracy, to live a life dictated by the size of a pay check, is not really living. We must and must embrace the fact that when one is running in another man’s track, he can’t leave a footprint. We must start now and now. No matter how small it is, just start. There is a Chinese proverbs i read some time ago. It says, ” The best time have planted the lime tree was 20 years ago but the best time to start, “is NOW” How To Make Money In Nigeria

Many persons that i have come to know here in Nigeria have at one point in their lives asked this question. Yes, it is a basic question to ask especially those who are not finding it easy at all financially. Despite the huge looting we hear with our ears that take place in government, it still has not taken the ability of anyone in Nigeria to make as much as he wants. The Country is so blessed that every one person in Nigeria has the ability to make as much as he wants to make.

On this particular sub topic, i want to extensively deal with this sub matter of how one can make money here in Nigeria genuinely. There are factors that come to bear when talking about such an issue. We may never get it right if we don’t set our priority right. Many persons wants to make it the sharp sharp way and neglect that there are principles in achieving whatsoever you want to achieve. For example, in 2003, some persons started making money from the trending business of the day called YAHOO. It was so much on point that many persons dropped all what they where doing and went for it. It seemed so so true and real. But 10 years later, i could place it their wealth. So are so so poor that they can’t afford to feed themselves and all properties they acquire have all been lost. Some, who could not continue because the game have changed decided to go fetish and today they are called ritualist. For those who acquired wealth then, but don’t have it anymore have a problem they had felt money could solve. Now when money came, they knew it was just the beginning of their problem.

This goes to show that money have never been the any man’s problem but ideas have been. This article will expose you on how you can make money from little and also retain and multiply it. Recently during one of my research work, i meant my cousin sister who works in a phone accessory store owned by a popular business guru. I asked her to book an appointment with his boss and find out how did he start and what and what he did to have become this rich and wealthy.

She came back after some days and told me that the man had actually started his business with just eight thousand naira (N8,000) eight years ago after he finished serving his master. He didn’t go to the university, or colleges. Nope. Now he has big wholesale stores all scattered in Lagos, in China and in Canada. He has a company name registered both in Nigeria and in China. The man is rich my friends because i have seen him and could tell from his assets. From this story line, it is very important that we understand one factor which is this. Ideas and not money makes man wealthy. What people lack is not money but financial knowledge. More money will lead to more financial bankruptcy but with financial education, your way to financial freedom is sure.

Money in the bank have not made you rich until you are able to make it multiply for you millions and millions of assets. Some time ago, i wrote an article on a similar subtopic and today, i am still receiving calls for appreciation. Well, one thing is for sure which is if i could lend my own help to free many from financial entanglement, i myself will be blessed too. Many people still feels that there are areas that have been occupied. Well, that’s a big fat lie from the pit of hell. For example, who said we can’t have a better banking system? who said we can’t have a better business we are currently having now? The financial world is so bogouse that spaces are very much available for all. And we will be discussing it right here.

But first we must understand some basic principle about wealth. Wealth is not money but money is an integral part of it. You can’t take money away from it. For example, no man can claim to be wealthy when he can’t feed his family? No one can. But money alone does not make up for the entire wealth of a man. Knowledge is not power itself except when it’s been applied. We have seen and read stories of how great where some persons financially and after sometime, they became very poor and died wretched. The question is this. What exactly caused the fall of these same men?

Was money the problem? or was there something they never did or did that must have caused them this great fall? Well, there are lots of things to learn but most importantly, FINANCIAL EDUCATION. Some of us have one time earned far above what we could ever have imagined but today we can’t give account of a dime. Son what then did happen? Did the money fly away? Or did birds from the sky come down to take the money away? Something must have happened and that is the very thing that have kept many in financial boundage.

TIMING – Someone once said that “HE WHO FAILS TO PLAN, HAVE ALREADY PLANNED”. That’s the truth. The failure to plan have planned for you. All you need to understand is that money does not make one rich neither does more money make someone rich it’s just a matter of time, poverty will come knocking. Some of us where in school when we could sponsor big projects. Some of us where in NYSC when we could send huge amount of cash home for big projects but as at now some of these same person have nothing tangible. But all these will end as at the end of this article. One thing is very clear now to you which is the fact that money can’t make a man rich. Most times if not all the time, working smart is far better than working hard. I always wanna be the smart guy.

Because it saves me lots of time. There is a powerful truth that many have not come to understand about money making. And it is “TIMING”. Many people do not understand that there is time for everything under the heavens. For example, there is time for planting and you can as well ask the farmers. Because some persons had erroneously used their planting time as their harvest time. We have to understand that there is time we have to understand that we are planting and planting and planting. And when i say planting i don’t mean planting yams or cassava. I here means investing both your time and your money on whatever meaningful you are doing.

For a guy who decides to go into network marketing, he or she should understand that for the period of some time, he must patiently invest both your time and resources into your business because for a network marketer, time is the key. Always know that you must set your priority right especially when you are doing a business. No matter the nature of your business you are doing, always know that it has the tendency to grow beyound your imagination but time must be given to it. And when i say time, i mean quality time. Give quality time to whatever you are doing and trust me, you will build a legacy that will last forever.

Some time ago, i joined the netwok marketing firm of BF ZUMA. Woah, i was taught timing in a great measure. We where taught that in business, timing is very essential and indeed it has become a great part of my life. There was a time i opened an online business and i had taught that by three months i should have made a fortune from it. I did open the business with a friend of mine. After some time, i gave up when i was not having the resulted i had taught i would have gotten. But my other colleague stayed on on the same business for six months and today he has become a huge inspiration to many. He never gave up and and with time he build one of the most trending blog sites in Nigeria. Time was the different. Although i have leant my lessons and i am telling you to take out your quality time and fix up your business.

Another important factor to consider is Knowledge of what you are doing. Now in Nigeria, there are lots of things that are capable making anyone rich as he ever would. Now let’s bring this to a streamline. Now let’s assume that one is going into a business like blogging, you must have adequate knowledge of what blogging is. You must understand what you are going into and as such, you can stand the text of time. Without the full knowledge of what you are doing, when times of trouble arises, you would be lost in the world of no man. It has been one issue that made many quite a good business. I would never want to start a business as a half baked businessman. I wanna have a full knowledge of what am going into.

Now lets take this moment out and do this. As an entrepreneur, you must kill the spirit of fear because the difference an employee and an entrepreneur is “Fear” look beyound fear. Every movement you make could be a risk but it’s a learning ground. And as time goes on, you will discover that your investment paid off. Don’t take anything you do for granted.

There is no room for quitting. No matter what the case may be, there is no room for quitting. Robert Kiyasoki once said something that have stuck in my heart forever. ” Losers never quit” That’s the spirit my friends. Because times will come where it may seem as though it ain’t working fine but trust me, it is. Nigeria may not be New York that has the potential of turning boys into men in a twinkle of an eye but trust me, Nigeria has the potential to turn men into millionaires and has the resources to turn millions to millionaire.

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