What would a country be without adequate education? What kind of a people would Nigeria produce when her population has a more percentage of Illiterates over the literates ones? Do we ever get to think of these kinds of question? If we already no the answers and consequences of what is to come, then i think education should be made a top most priority for all. Be that as it may, we have come see how the various state owned universities and federal universities have been increasing their tuition fees, hostel accommodation fees, acceptance fees, etc. And one begin to wonder if the day has the plight of their people at heart? Because when you see the decisions of these semi god like governors on their citizenry, you begin to wonder if these governors ever where humans before they mounted the podium of the governor seat they are occupying.

I made a publication on POOR ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE OF STUDENTS OF BUSINESS EDUCATION IN NIGERIA. You can go ahead and read it. very educative.

Sometime ago, while i gained admission into DELSU (Delta state university Abraka) i paid an acceptance fee of N3.500, and two years later it became N10,000. Now it’s a whopping sum of about N60,000. This increment is just for the period of 5 years. Ambrose Ali university Ekpoma did same thing and Anambra state university did same thing. Now the question in have been asking is this. Is the increment of these schools fees and other related activities like hostel fees, school fees etc a competition among various schools? Because what am seeing is the exact thing.

There are some issues that comes to mind. School acceptance fees was increased, tuition fees increased, accommodation fees increased etc, have the salaries of their parents increased? For those whose parents are civil servants, have the government increased salaries? Most of these civil servants are still owed salaries for about 18 months and you are busy increasing the tuition and school fees of their ward? What a shame. Because we still think that Nigeria is giant of Africa. Well that could be true only in size not in initiative.

Let me take a little moment to reveal to us some schools who have increased their tuition fees or acceptance fees, or accommodation fees within the last 5 years.

Unizik increased the school fees of her intake from #35,000 to #72,000 but later it was reduced to #52,000
University of Nsukka witnessed an increase of an added #15,000 to their school fees. Despite the pleas and protest it still could not get the government to think twice.
Delsu increased their school fees from #36,000 to #80,000 within 5 years.
AAU from #26,000 to #110,000.
ANSU from #35,000 to #126,000

The list goes on and on. These increment have met with strong opposition from the public and from the school students through protests and boycotting of lectures but all these met a deaf response from the government of the day. A senator takes home 36 million naira monthly and are never owed a dine. The ordinary woman who stood under the sun to vote for you thinking she has voted a better government, who happens to be paid #45,000 monthly, is owed for 18 months and yet you increase school fees? It shows how the government of the day have lost touch with very same people they are governing. I was made to understand that some school have decided to be collecting #10,000 to #20,000 from students for yearly accreditation.

Now, my very point here is that, some other Nations both in Africa and all over the world are making Education free both from primary to tertiary educational level. Recently we heard that the governor of River state had bought an Aircraft of about 45 million naira. Yet he owes up to 18 months of salary to his civil servants. This is the height of irresponsibility from a government. We keep hearing how looting and how extravagant our political office holders have become and yet they still will return to make life very unbearable for the poor masses. \

We are blessed with both human and natural resources and yet we can’t afford a free education in Nigeria? The likes of Japan and Germany have no single natural resource and yet they have made education so so affordable for their citizenry. I read in one article from the national dailies that in 2013, 50 percent of our annual budget went to recurrent expenditure. This is totally way too far. This means that our politicians are eating about 70 percent of our budget and the remaining 30 percents goes to the entire populace. Now, we all know that many of these politicians do not allow their children school here. And this is the very reason they may never know the exact decaying state of our education system. The Nation’s money is used for something which to me is very unnecessary. How do you explain the fact that records shows that Nigerian spending in aircraft purchasing have increased to 500 percent. And in the last few years, Nigeria have spent over one trillion dollars in purchasing aircraft. And from records, these aircraft are owned by our politicians. You increase the tuition fees of the common man whose parents are finding it hard to sustain or make a living and yet you could seat at home and enjoy life?

Some panelist once asked why there have been an incessant increase of school fees? Did the current vice chancellors or governors pay such an outrageous school fees during their time? What exactly have been their own contribution to making life easy for everyone? Are they saying that we can’t have free education in Nigeria? And if it so, why can’t we? Why are we paying so high to gain admission into our the university? What is the of having a university hostel when the students are not been able to afford it. Sometimes i wonder if these hostels are located in Ikoyi or Victoria island? Because the outrageous fees that are paid are worrisome. For me these hostels are supposed to be the cheapest. I have seen the highest level of insensitivity in our governments. For example, during the early years of our independence, there where lots of grants for students and bursary where very much intact and our present VCs and government officials where all beneficiaries of these grants which meant that they went to school almost free of charge.

But today, they are kicking against it. They are kicking against the very thing that brought them to where they are today. We are very much aware that many nations that are rich with natural mineral resources are education free and they still give grants to their students and by far, Nigerians are far richer. Can’t education be subsidized in Nigeria? At least the ordinary man on the street should have a sound education respective of their financial background. According to Mr Gbola Oba, investing in human resources is one of the best thing that could happen to any nation. Because for countries like Japan and Germany, Netherlands etc, they have no natural resources and that is why they invested so much on human resources which have put them far above every other nation with the so called human resources. This goes to say that, human resources is far better than any other form of resources.

The government of the day needs to overhaul the education system and make it education a top most priority in their agenda. Some time ago i would look at DELSU and call it a glorified secondary school. Should i talk about Ogwashi-Uku Polytechnic or Ozoro Poly. They look a shadow of what a higher institution should look like. I think it is high time that our government both in the federal and state government to invest into Education heavily so that we could produce students that can change the course of invent in our nation.

The following issues are to be addressed by the government else it will finally lead to state where we would be producing more illiterates in our Nation and trust me, it will be a dire consequence for Nigeria. These issues are as follows.

1. The incessant increase of school fees by our school authorities.

2. Accreditation fees be looked into holistically.

3. The unnecessary high cost of hostel accommodation in our higher institutions.

4. The issue of acceptance fees should either be scrapped or reduced to the lowest minimum.

5. Laws are to be invoked or enacted by out state or federal government regarding tenancy issues in the communities where higher institutions are located. Because we have come to realise that these communities charge outrageous tenant fees from students. For, loans should b made available to house developers to build good and affordable hostels or better still, the government on their own should build houses and hostels outside the school perimeter that could be very much affordable


6. Government should intervene in the transportation within and outside the school compound and communities. Because these transportation fares are very alarming. During the announcement of subsidy removal, the federal government promised to give buses to student unions to make the transportation of students very easy and cheap.

If Nigeria will be all way round better, then we need all hands on desk. If we must make our education system work very well, then there must be a total overhauling of the entire education system. If this will work, there must a conscious effort by our government to make it work. We can make this work and make it the best.

You can also read an article in wrote on POOR ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE OF STUDENTS OF BUSINESS EDUCATION IN NIGERIA. I believe you will love this.

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