In dealing with this concept, meticulous attention must be taken in addressing some key issues. First of all, why is this subtopic very important? Why should any man wanna study this article? To what end will this article be beneficial to the ordinary business man? Well, as you read on, you will see what am talking about. As we are about to get started, there are very key important factors to analyze and these are BUSINESS and EDUCATION. If you are ready, am ready. Let’s shoot.


BUSINESS – Many persons have called this various names. For example, to some, business is an enterprise and to some it is a firm. But whatever name it is called, we mean same thing. A business as it where, is an organization that has the sole responsibility of engaging in the art or trade of goods and rendering of services to customers. In other words, when we say “business” we are talking about the art of trading goods and services that involves a buyer and a seller. For the capitalist, business is all about making more and more profits to increase wealth of the very owners of the said business. Well, we all know that business can be state owned or privately owned.

And i tell you, when it is owned by these two different entities, their modus operandi may be the same but trust me their motives are usually different. When a business is owned by more than a person, then it is usually called a company but many persons have theorized the fact that the term company has a more precise meaning than just being a company. When we talk about business, we are talking about being busy either as an individual or an organization or a society being commercially involved in a profitable work.

Research has taught us that the term business has different usages depending on the particular scope you are seeing it from. For example, the singular usage which means a particular organization or entity, then the generalized one which refers to a particular business market sector etc. Well, one cannot say that there is a generalized or a consensus definition of the term “Business” Which means that the definition of business is a matter of debate and complexity of meaning.

EDUCATION – As at now, it is abundantly visible that the greatest investment any country can invest on is education. The importance of education cannot be overemphasized because it has the ability to transform the economic, political and human resources of the nation. The lack of it will ruin the potential prospect of the country. It has a way of crippling the economy of the country. As expensive it could be and though it is a non profitable service, it is a service that needs proper management and implementation. This shows that education is an integral part of a Nation which has become so decisive factor for the production of knowledge based economies and that of social development which as it where are increasingly being driven by the application of global knowledge. Show me a developed nation and i will show a standard education system. Which means that the quality of a Nation’s educational system will end up producing for the Nation a better economic system, political structures and a quality living standard for the entire populace.

Now we can see how important business education could be. And i tell you with proper business education knowledge base, a nation could be on it’s way to the top. One reason many nation do not take business education for granted is because of it’s perceived importance to the economy of a nation. In Nigeria after independence, both the federal, state and local government has been at the forefront of funding education. In fact, during independence in 1960, we recorded one of the most budgeted allocation of funds in the education sectors here in Nigeria. And this was because there was need to expand the manpower needed for the expanding administrative work as that time in the country.

From my secondary school days, i have been taught that Education is actually the totality of a man’s life which involves the knowledge he acquires which in turn will enable him to cope with and derive satisfaction from living in the world he belongs. With education, the man can be very very competence and be able to produce a top most optium individual development. Now let’s dive straight into what business education is. Business Education happens to be the very art of how a man is developed in the heart, head and his hands to fulfill his opium development and services to humanity. And no wonder in the primary education sector in 2004, computer was introduced into the primary school curriculum. Well many have argued that since the subject likes of shorthand, typewriter and book keeping have been integrated together to form a form business studies, it has lost it’s originality. I still remember a research done we discovered that many persons have decided not to take interest in business education simply because they have been taught that business education is meant for less privileged or a programme after graduation, those who studied it can’t secure a job because there is no job vacancies for them. Well this is a fat lie as far as i concerned.

Do you really blame them? Nope. The reason why this myopic concept have been ranging is because Business Education planners who are not professionals in the field have been allowed to handle the planning of business education curriculum and they have not been able to design a uniform curriculum that has the capability to house all the universities which are offering business education in Nigeria. Well. when a critical analyses is taken on the incompetence of our business education graduates shows how exactly unproperly design the business education planners have failed to design a proper curriculum that could reflect on the psycho motor nature of the subject matter itself. Curriculum have been defined as a prescribed course of studies or better still curriculum are the subjects that included in a course of study. One factor our curriculum planners have failed to understand is the fact that they have refused to understand that curriculum planning is a continuous process and not a fix agenda. It means that, a curriculum must be flexible enough to accommodate changes no matter the degree of the change.

If you take a critical look at the current business education curriculum, you will discover that there are lots of inadequacies that border on course content. Well, i do believe that the curriculum of any subject matter should be able to meet the needs of the current state of the nation. No wonder despite the under level of the educational training during the pre=colonial days, it was bale to meet the needs of that time which made the curriculum so so important at that time. It is very important to note that the changes that occurs in a curriculum are very important because it do allow students to increase the intensity of their studies. Some time ago, i participated in a debate and i learnt a lot.

It was learned that the Nigeria current business curriculum have overstayed and it is no longer meeting the needs of the 21st century. And as such it is necessary it be modified to suit the needs of the current Nigeria state. We need this because it is very important from an academic point of view. For me, the issue of scrapping the current business education curriculum is not a total good idea. I would advise that we improve on the the existing Business Education curriculum we have. This is essential because we need to produce the workforce that can be able to compete with tomorrow’s business day and be able to partner with schools to raise the levels of achievement of young people who wants to go into business and most especially those who are in a more disadvantaged situation.

We must take the business of business education as a pioneering role and not the one trying to meet up.

Having had a full knowledge of what the various components in business education is, then let’s dive straight into what “business education is”]

BUSINESS EDUCATION – This concept involves the process and pattern of teaching and educating people the very science of business. Research have showed that about 38 percent of secondary students do engage themselves in one form of business or the other. This shows that even in our stressed schools the science of business still do take place and if adequate knowledge is not communicated, then we may see many losing out.

Now, many students as it where both in the secondary and university levels do engage in business related major subject. These business related major do prepare students for an occupation in the business world or in another matter, a business teaching career in academics. We could all not be surprise when we see graduates from the business Academic world not pioneering the the stakes in terms of moving the business industry into the next level. What i see is that those who have been charged to make this a reality have not been those who are professionals in this field. They are either their because of connection or the other or they are just there to make ends meet. Some time ago, i made a post regarding financial education. I told my audience that money does not make one rich but having the right knowledge about the use and application of money to make more money makes one rich. But financial education makes one rich. Because the money you have a full knowledge about the financial world you find yourself, the richer you become.

Same thing applies to the business world. Opening up new a new business or businesses all over town, does not mean you did become successful in the business world. But with adequate business knowledge, trust me one is ninety percent already a successful business mogul. So, everyone who desires to be a successful business must learn the act of business and then get started. The act of business education in our schools and various institutions can never be overemphasized because the difference with successful businessmen and non successful businessmen is knowledge.

And knowledge is power as they say if applied. I have seen people get into business and later would quit. I have seen people go into business doing so so well, but as time went on, they quit the whole business thing. The very question would always be why? The answer is not far fetched at all. The problem lie in adequate knowledge. Those who have made it to the top int the business ladder are those who have acquired lots of business education knowledge regarding the field.

Let me quickly talk about a very important concept that must be taken seriously when going into a business. The area of been a specialist in a field is almost a vague idea now. But trust me, you have to acquire adequate knowledge of what you want to get involved with. For example, a man who wants to go into the Recharge card printing business in Nigeria or palm oil business in Nigeria or poultry farming in Nigeria, have to have an adequate knowledge of them. Now one does not have to get admitted into a tertiary school to study poultry farming for seven years or two years etc before one can actually decide to start up a farm poultry business.

This is where we can actually be of help to you. Now, with materials sent to you at an affordable price, trust me, you can start up a multi million naira business. We are testimonies of it and so many others too. We have business plans for almost all kinds of businesses here in Nigeria. Why did i say Nigeria? Because the business environment we have here is quite different from that we have elsewhere. Here in Nigeria the reaction to business is quite difference to what we have in other countries. And that is the very reason we have decided to create business plans to fit into this kind of environment. In our business plan, we have highlighted areas where some particular business could strive better. Now let me end with this. In the business world, we are all students and trust me, it is either you are a good learner or a bad one. At the long run, the result will be visible for all to see.

Many like i said have started so so well but ended poorly. Some have started so badly and ended up worst and some have started either good or badly but ended up creating a legacy that endured and lasted for hundreds of years. Make your choice this day either to be a good learner or a bad one. Remember when we talk about business, we are talking about mega business but the truth here is that not all might have started big or mega but today they are mega business ventures.

I have seen a man who started supplying bags of pure water as a middle man to customers with bike popularly known as okada. But today he owns one of if not the biggest the biggest pure factory business in Enugu state.

In the next article, we will be discussing the very challenges that face the business education student in Nigeria.


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