Benefits Of The Creation of State Police in Nigeria

The Creation of State Police in Nigeria.

The concept of state police as it where might seem too strange to many but on the long run, we will get to understand it better as i explain. Nigeria as a country is blessed with more than enough to sustain the entire African Continent. But we have come to see that many persons who are at the helm of affairs due to their personal greed have decided to put the entire Nation at risk by looting state funds meant for the betterment of the populace. Now, we have heard of how one persons pocketed billions of naira meant to tackle insurgency in the far North, yet up till this very moment, we have not seen anyone who have been prosecuted. All we keep hearing is trials to be done in the secrets. What a shame.


Some time ago, Nigerians where shocked to hear that some Nigerian soldiers have been sentenced to death for abadoning their duty post fleeing the much sophisticated Boko haram insurgents who where more equipped than them. Now if they had stayed in their duty post, they still would have met their unfateful end. Now lets make a case from this case. One of the court-martialed soldiers said, they where given sticks and ill sophisticated weapons to fight against a much more advanced boko haram in terms of weaponry. You sentenced them to death by not providing adequate weaponry to them, but the same man who stole the money that was meant to buy weapons is still very much alive. Now tell me, who is deceiving who? Do the government think that Nigerians are in no wise position to question their antics? No, lets face the reality of it.

Creation of State Police in Nigeria

Many persons will be wondering why on earth have i introduced the issue of corruption into this subject matter? Now the concept of state police is rather not a new one for many Nigerians especially those in the diaspora. If i am mistaken, then we all will agree that this subject matter came alive again during the National conference held during the presidential regime of president Ebele Jonathan.

Now the issue of allowing states to own up their own police force have been on the table for years now and it is only recently did the Vice President deem it fit to advocate for state policing. What exactly has held the federal government from adopting it into law? Why do people fear the concept at all? These are but a few questions we will be answering on this article. And again we will be talking extensively on the advantage of allowing the state government to have their police.

Benefits Of The Creation of State Police in Nigeria

First of all, what are the primary duty of the Police?

Well, it must be said that as it is. The state as it where are a security body charge with the functions of maintaining internal order interms of security related issue. If this is true and it is true, what then is holding the federal government from allowing the various states of the federation have their own police institutions? Now we understand that the central issue here is that some well meaning Nigerians have thought that creating or allowing states to have their own police make these state governors semi gods. Yeah it could be true because some Nigerian governors are so power drunk that they may use the state police institutions as a weapon to silence opposition parties. No wonder a prominent former state police commissioner of police for Plateau State Mr Tsav said that Nigerians are not civilized enough to handle the matter of state police. According to him, power drunk governors will use them to intimidate those who they perceive as being their political foe. He went further to say that any commissioner who refuses to dance to the governor’s tune will be sacked immediately.

Which means that, creating state police institutions may lead to job insecurity. Now if we critically look into all the aforementioned, you will agree with me that the Nigerian society that we operate now has the tendency of exhibiting the following trait. The reasons are not far fetched. The governor of a state is the chief security of officer of the that state. Which grants him the internal and constitutional right to take actions that deem fit to protect the state and any action taken will be read in that light.

Another group of individuals that have seen the politicking of the matter is the Indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB). In fact they view the matter as another calculated means from the government of buhari to buy time and buy the minds of Nigerians in regards the forth coming elections. If this is true or not, we will no. And time will reveal all secrets. Well, i may not totally agree with my brothers the Eastern part of the country based on their assumption.

Because this matter was also raised during the leadership of PDP. So it’s not a political or who is on power matter rather it’s a matter of national security and it should not be linked to political affiliation. Well, their fears have been the fact that an issue as important as this should notn be just subjected to a mere political affairs but their should be a way a way Nigerians can be intergrated into the matter and have a say on it. They believe that if the Buhari led federal Government is seriouse, he would have called for a national referendum on the matter.

Creation of State Police in Nigeria

Recently, the vice president Professor Osinbanjo okayed the move and therefore made it clear that the federal government of Nigeria has set up modalities to make for the creation of state police in Nigeria. There are some key points that was raised by the VP. He said something that got Nigerians thinking. According to him, we cannot realistically police a country the size of Nigeria from Abuja because Nigerian being the 900,000 square needs more men and materials to protect it. Some governors and individuals have bought into this idea. Now the governor of Zanfara made a similar case regarding the size of the police force. According the governor mr Yari, Zanfara has a population of 4million and a police force of just 5000. This is suicidal my people.

The issue of security is just a matter of country thing but a global matter. If a security matter is not tackled in a country collectively and globally, then it will become a globaln issue one day. E.g ISIS. Now according to the UN who happens to be playing the defacto chief police officer of the world, it should be one police to 400 citizens. But with Zanfara state having 4 million population and just 5000 police officers to tackle crime, then i can easily assume that there is no security apparatus in that state. Mr Ochei of the Delta state house of assembly, the creation of state police will be beneficial to the people because it would be more penetrative and they can spread wide to more community. If this is true and it is true, then the issue of state police is as good as go ahead. Now is saw why Professor Wole Soyinka agreed to the concept of state police because to him, it will help combat the menace that is currently created by the Fulani Herdsmen.Governor Yari made a very strong point too that is worth analyzing. The fears of many has been that police have not been tending to properly well. They believe that even the federal government are finding it very hard to tend to the needs of the entire police force let alone state government. But Governor made it clear after the last governors forum that the idea is optional and for states who cannot afford it, can still continue with the present structure of the federal handling policing issues. But for states that can afford it, they can go ahead and establish it.

Another issue that is worthy of note is the fact that many big business moguls as politicians in the country have been assigned some policemen to and this have greatly depleted the ranks of the police thereby making Nigerians to protect themselves. Hmm. This is really funny. Nigeria according to the latest statistics, Nigeria is about 174.2 million people and just 370 thousand police force. Which is 100,000 to one police. This is really laughable. No wonder Nigerians have resulted to local vigilante and watchmen to protect them. Now we should not forget that these streets vigilantes are not well equipped or trained to protect lives but yet many Nigerians have been subjected to place their lives on mere chance. Someone once argued that if actually the state governors are the chief security officer of a state why does the governors have to write a letter to the Inspector General of Police before making any arrest. Then it could be said that the IG of police is the defacto chief security officer of the states in the federation.

We have some other issues that may also be a hindrance to the creation of state police in Nigeria. And that is the constitutional amendment that would follow. Trust me, it’s not gonna be as easy as ,many persons could be. Well, if the actually we need to make this happen, trust me, i see no hindrance at all. There is one more thing that have been of pressing issues to analyst and that’s the bad image police officers have created. For example, out of every 10 Nigerians you see on the street, 8 of them have various forms of resentment for police officers because of some unsavory experiences they have had with police officers. Some even would tell you that police officers are foes and not friends. So having them roaming the back of their houses in the name of state policing, won’t be a welcomed idea. How do explain the fact that innocent Nigerians have been killed because of some unnecessary provocations. We have seen how police of have refused to show on crime scene to savour a criminal case. In Aguta in Benue state, we have seen how herdsmen have totally ravaged a full community and rendered many homeless. How have the police been helpful here? What the constant road side criminals that harass motorists on the high way and yet the police are nowhere to be found. From lagos to benin, you could hardly find a checkpoint and you expect the nation to be security safe.

Well, we will all be held responsible if we don’t get it right now that we can for the sake for our future generations to come.

Benefits Of The Creation of State Police in Nigeria

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